4 Reasons time tracking software is the right choice
November 05, 2017
by Picture Box

The challenge facing most organizations today is maintaining consistency in employee productivity. With the modern turbulent business environment, achieving optimal production levels is elusive unless the employees are committed to maintaining productivity levels. Given the role employees play in the success of the organization, it is important for employers to monitor the productivity of their employees. Thanks to technology, keeping tabs with your employees has become very easy. Here are four reasons time tracking software is the right choice.

1. Increases transparency

This goes hand in hand with reporting. Most time tracking software has a reporting feature that allows you to generate reports on who among your employees is working. You are also able to manage your work effectively identifying where there is wastage. You also get a rare chance of understanding the PC behavior of your employees. Not in the form you are spying on them but enough to know the periods they spend on unconstructive activities.

2. Makes you a better employer

Chances are you will not be available to monitor their activities physically; with time tracking software you can manage your employees when you are on the move; on your smartphone or tablet. It will allow you some flexibility to attend to other activities and monitor the productivity of your employees. You also get a chance to do accurate project cost estimations. If you can understand the productivity of every employee, then you can calculate the project cost in terms of labor cost per hour. That makes you an effective employer and also project manager. 

3. Increases productivity 

A time tracking software will generate a timesheet that you can use to understand the PC behavior of your employees. Your employees also know that their productivity is being measured and as such, they will be cautious not to spend longer durations on other activities other than the productive ones. You can also use the same software to manage distractors in the process increasing productivity. Productivity, sales, and revenue in business have an obvious relationship. When the productivity increases, the same will be reflected in your revenue. 

4. Employee effort identification and rewarding

In business, it is important to know who among your employees are top performers and the poor performers as well. You can use the data gathered from tracking software to reward the top performers. Rewards are a source of motivation to your employees; rewarding the top performers will give the poor performers a push to perform better. You can also take the appropriate measure such as laying off an employee who is unable to increase their performance hence cutting liabilities. Such data can also come in handy if you are planning to expand or to cut costs.