7 Reasons to Start Using Tracking Software for Timesheets
January 23, 2018
by Picture Box

Timesheets can be a hassle for any company, especially with a wide-range of employees. Time tracking software is designed to gather the needed information that helps create accurate pay for everyone and allows for more natural labor cost management. Below are seven reasons you should begin using tracking software right away. 

1. Standardized Tracking Abilities for All Types of Employees

It can be a difficult task to head-count the variety of employees and types of pay each one receives. You can have hourly, salaried, and contracted employees all working from one location. Tracking software will know how to differentiate between the specifics. It will cause fewer headaches and need to update the information manually.

2. Eliminate Manual Errors

Manually tracking and clocking in employees will result in errors at times. Tracking software takes the possibilities of human error entirely out of the picture. The software will do most of the work for you. Once it is loaded with the correct information, the timesheet software tracks and calculates everything. 

3. Better Employee Verification

Knowing where your employees are and verifying they are the ones clocking in or out is critical. Tracking software will recognize and confirm that the information is correct. It eases up the need to manually check every location. You have better accountability for your entire operation.

4. Gather Needed Information to Improve Assessments

Making accurate companywide assessments on additional labor needs, costs, and budget require detailed information. It will end the era of manually gathering the information. You will now have the ability to access the data immediately in an up-to-date format. It provides you with the best information available to make hiring, firing, and employee rotation decisions. 

5. Save Time Using Automated Tracking

Service industries struggle with the clock when it comes to tracking manually. Worksites can be scattered over a multi-kilometer radius. Tracking software will bring all of the needed information to you in an instant. Your management team can spend their time in more productive pursuits. 

6. Create Better Audit Trails

Internal audits of both labor expenses and workload efficiency can be done quickly using tracking software. You will know where the labor shortages are, the average costs per assignment, hourly employee expenditures, timesheet accuracy, and other valuable data that helps determine future labor and management budgets.

7. Increase More Streamlined Invoicing

The use of contracted employees and services is a reality for most businesses, at least with portions of operations. Tracking software can help manage this activity and create an up-to-date, accurate invoice. You can be sure you are not paying for services not delivered. 

It is an excellent time to begin the transition to tracking software to help manage and contain labor cost. You can reduce the hassles of manual completion and gather all the data you need for better labor management.