How IP Address Management Software Can Prevent DDoS Attacks
July 08, 2017
by Picture Box

Distributes Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise globally. Businesses large and small are seeing their customers unable to use their services because the networks are being flooded by false traffic from giant botnets clogging the bandwidth. How then do businesses defend against such attacks? One part of an essential security solution is IP Address Management software(IPAM).

What is IPAM?

IPAM is a suite of tools designed to manage an IP address infrastructure. IPAM integrates DNS and DHCP so that they are each independently aware of changes in the other service. These tools are becoming essential as the landscape is moving toward IPv6 networks with insanely large address pools, different subnetting techniques, and more complex hexadecimal numbers rather than just a few numerical digits.

For security, IPAM detects breaches and abuse within your infrastructure, as there would be sudden changes outside of protocol. By learning the patterns of your network, IPAM can detect breaches and abuse and stoip them before they can do any harm.

The Benefits For DDoS Protection

As botnets become stronger and more widespread, the need to defend against them is key. Detecting and removing them can be difficult, so it's paramount to secure yourself in the event one does decide to unleash havoc on your network.

IPAM works by switching equipment from an open network to one that's filtered. These filters automatically filter botnet packets and prevent them from doing any serious harm. These software suites also provide tools to then help fix up their networks.

IPAM alone though is not a complete solution. It's only an important part of a necessary toolkit. Things need to be done at the ISP level as well to ensure its effectiveness. The main key elements of a complete solution are advanced DNS services, multiple DNS, a DNS security layer, and ISP quarantine services linked to easy update services. All of these put together can make for a complete botnet security package if everyone works together to achieve it.

As botnets grow in popularity as a tool for DDoS attacks, more ISPs and businesses will need to be working together on solutions such as these to ensure security. Even at the consumer level, such as IoT devices, there will need to be some changes made to the way consumers and ISPs shield themselves in order to secure home networks from attack. These days, anyone is vulnerable.