Top 5 Security Breaches Which Happened In 2016
April 24, 2017
by Picture Box

You ask any organization about their worst nightmare and they are all likely to have the same answer-“security breach”. It indeed is the worst thing that can happen to any enterprise and can absolutely decimate them. As the rate of cyber crime is increasing at an alarming rate, more and more systems are falling prey to cyber threats that are compromising the integrity of their systems. To prevent these from happening to your organisation, go to and have the best cyber security solutions for your DNS.


Let’s see the Top 5 Cyber security breaches in 2016:


The Yahoo security breach



In September 2016, the world was left stunned when Yahoo revealed that more than 500 million user accounts had been breached. The sheer enormity of the crime, the largest theft from a major technology company at that time, was astounding. What was even more shocking was the fact that the breach was executed in 2014 and went unnoticed for two years, leaving user data in the control of the attackers. But this was just the tip of the iceberg, Yahoo dropped the bomb on its users by stating that a separate hack in 2013 was responsible for 1 billion user accounts being compromised.That’s  why they stress on having a strong password you see.


Rampant Ransomware


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One threat that overshadowed all the others last year was none other than ransomware. It was a malware that was encrypting data and holding it hostage, demanding payments in return-in semi -anonymous Bitcoin- before decrypting it. Some of them like Ranscam took the money and deleted the files anyway. Ransomwares had found their way into cell phone and also went offline which made them even more dangerous.


Dyn DDoS



An insecure smart device attacking the web and getting into thousands of households-sounds like a science fiction movie, right? It is all but that.October of last year saw a massive distributed denial of service(DDoS) attack on Dyn, a company which has the lion’s share of all the DNS provided worldwide.This led to many sites like Netflix being up and down for days.    


The DNC attack



You know that cyber security breaches have gone to a whole different level when the US Presidential election is being influenced by it. The famous emails of Hilary Clonton along with other members of the National Democratic Committee, 19252 in number, were published by Wikileaks and caused mayhem in the Democratic Party eventually causing the Chair to resign.   


The NSA hacked



Things went haywire in August of last year when the tools used by the NSA were being used against it. An anonymous hacker group called the Shadow Brokers grabbed sophisticated hacking tools which were capable of infecting device firmware and not being wiped out from a system even after complete refresh.Their objective was to sell off the portions of the tools they hadn’t revealed but the sale did not generate much interest.


Breaches like these are bound to happen in the future as well as the hackers have numerous tools at their disposal and to be able to protect ourselves against these is going to be a huge challenge.